Easter has come and gone and now you’ve got your kids’ stash of chocolate to sneak after they go to bed. I’ve personally got a penchant for anything containing peanut butter. My daughter is still young enough that she doesn’t know to take stock of her chocolate and hide it from her mother. I can ration it with little argument. This is a bad thing as I can eat just about as much of her chocolate as I want without her even realizing it. So I’ve got to find ways to keep all of that Easter chocolate from spending a lifetime on my hips.

Here’s a few simple ways to work off those calories in this rainy spring weather. Some of them are even fun!

  1. Jump in the puddles! Slip on some splash pants, get everyone into their rain boots and go outside to have some fun. You won’t even realize you’re working off that giant Lindt bunny you’ve been snacking on.
  2. Spring cleaning. It’s not always exciting but you can make a game of it and get the kids in on the “fun”. Bonus points for dancing while cleaning. Even more bonus points for doing squats while cleaning the toilets.
  3. Hit the gym on those chilly days. I like to sneak off to my local GoodLife Fitness once the kids are in bed and hubby is parked in front of his computer. Try a new fitness class or just do some cardio, whatever suits your mood!
  4. Play some video games with the kids. Not the kind where you sit around with a controller in your hand. Get up and move! Play some active games on the Nintendo Wii or other similar system. Your kids will love that mom is joining in on the fun….

This is an excerpt from the article 10 Simple Ways to Work Off That Easter Chocolate which originally appeared on www.theinspiredhome.org.