When I was a contributing member of the corporate world, I used to loathe company Christmas parties – the food sucked, the wine tasted like vinegar, I inevitably sat next to someone boring, and I always had much more important things to do with my Saturday nights. But now that I’m a SAHM who spends her free time boring people with useless information, like how to curl your hair and make it last, and how to apply makeup like a pro, the idea of putting on a dress, eating a meal prepared by someone else, and speaking to adults about something other than potty training and picky eaters, really appeals to me.

The only problem is that I do not have the kind of free time to shop for a new dress and get my makeup, hair, and nails done like I used to, so I’ve had to learn to cut corners – I order my dresses online, I’ve taught myself how to apply makeup like a pro, I’ve figured out how to get my DIY manicures not to chip, and thanks to the tutorials I’m about to share with you, I now have FIFTEEN holiday hairstyles for all hair lengths to draw from for years to come.


1. Elegant Up-Do by Luxy Hair

This simple but elegant style is perfect for holiday parties, and the flower is the perfect finishing touch!

2. Brigitte Bardot Hair Tutorial by Luxy Hair

This look is simple but sexy, and I really love it!

3. Twist-Crossed Curly Half-Up Updo by MakeupWearables Hairstyles

I love the hair oil trick – it makes a huge difference!

4. Elegant sleek bun updo by Lilith Moon

This gorgeous look was inspired by Angelina Jolie. It’s gorgeous!

5. Simple Looped Side Ponytail by Luxy Hair

This is a great twist on the “mom ponytail”, but can be dressed up for a night on the town!


6. French Twist by The Small Things Blog

I especially love the accessory she uses with this look – it dresses it up for even the fanciest of occasions! I took a look on Amazon to try and find something similar, and I really like this Flower Pattern Alloy Rhinestone Barrette!

7. Low Chignon by The Small Things Blog

So easy, yet so beautiful!

8. Perfect Low Bun by Luxy Hair

If you don’t own a hair donut yet, you are really missing out. I bought this 3-piece set by Beaute Galleria, and I am in love!

9. Half Up French Twist by Luxy Hair

With elegant curls, this style will look good on medium and medium-long hair, and it’s SO EASY TO DO!

10. Undone French Twist by The Small Things Blog

I’m a big fan of messy hair updos, and I think this is sexy but elegant all rolled into one!


11. Messy Beach Waves for Very Short Hair by stillGLAMOROUS

This look is the perfect combination of messy and sophisticated and I absolutely love it!

12. Romantic Up-Do for Short Hair by Kin Community

What a fabulous look for a night out!

13. 3 Minute Updo For Short Hair by cutesygirl09

Who said girls with short hair can’t wear their hair in a stylish, sexy, messy updo??!

14. Casual Half Up by The Small Things Blog

With sexy curls, you can make this look work for all hair lengths!!

15. Easier Than It Looks Updo by The Small Things Blog

If your hair isn’t too short, but also isn’t overly long, this look is for you!

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