I adore the shine and chip resistance of a gel mani, but not the drawbacks: the expense, the weakened nails, the growth lines in two weeks, having to return to the salon to get it removed properly. The next best thing? A long-lasting formula that delivers gel-like shine and durability, but comes off with normal nail polish remover and is affordable to boot. I tested three such nail polish systems in the past few weeks—details after the jump!
CND Vinylux summer 2016 collection: Desert Poppy, Honey Darlin', Date Night, Aqua-intance

CND Vinylux

The promise: CND Vinylux ($11.95 at Nail Polish Canada) is by the same company that makes salon gel brand Shellac, so of course Vinylux’s 7-free formula boasts seriously long wear. Vinylux is marketed as a way to touch up Shellac mani growth at home (many of the shades are perfect colour matches) or an at-home alternative for a manicure that lasts up to a week.

The system: Apply two coats of colour followed by the CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat ($11.95 at Nail Polish Canada). While you can use the products separately, they are formulated to work with each other and using them together will guarantee the best results. No base coat is required; in fact, CND discourages you from using one as it interferes with the nail polish’s ability to adhere to your nails.

The brush: The long, skinny brush requires multiple strokes for a coat to level, but it gives you a lot of control along the cuticle lines and nail edges.

CND Vinylux nail polish brush

My impressions: CND Vinylux was my first encounter with a long-wear nail polish system and I was blown away. Normally I’m lucky to get 5 days from a DIY mani, but this one held up for up to 9 days with no risk of chipping. Impressed, I did one Vinylux mani after another and another. I’ve heard from another beauty blogger that the blue shade from the summer 2016 collection, ‘Date Night #221’, stains nails, but I haven’t tried it myself. Of the pale shades I have been wearing, I like ‘Honey Darlin’ #218′ (a buttercup yellow that reminds me of summer sunshine) the best. Each coat dries quickly and the top coat provides a shiny, crease-proof finish.

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