the last time i sat down to my computer to pen (ahem!), write a personal post the response has been overwhelming. it’s really great for me to know what you guys like and don’t like on the site so that i can adapt accordingly. i love taking outfit photos and playing with clothes, but also realize that getting real is totally part of the package. i don’t always know how to tackle some topics on here without bringing down the overall mood of what the site is all about so sometimes it’s just easier to go through it alone. except i found with my 3 years goals post, is that it’s not at all the case. i loved sharing my stream of consciousness with you and what i loved even more was your guy’s feedback. setting goals is important but what really separates the boys from the men is action. how to follow up on my goals and how to best achieve them without compromising my own happiness and freedom is the follow up question.

i wanted to take a closer look at the things that make me happy and the things i want in life and share with you ways in which i plan to best make them happen.

work smarter: i want to grow my skills and my opportunities but i also need to learn when to say no. i need to learn when to get off my phone/computer and let myself enjoy all the hard work that i’ve been doing. i want to grow into a team of talented people who have similar goals and will help me achieve mine without having to make life changing sacrifices…


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