Boy, time flies doesn’t it? Another year has passed us by and it’s almost time to ring in 2016. Cue the confetti and flowing champagne; New Years Eve is a night to go all out with everything from your outfit to your drink of choice. But we all know the story: Two glasses of wine turns into three, a lemon drop turns into a tequila shot, and you and your friends close down the dance floor whether it’s at a fancy-schmancy bar, or (if you’re like me this year) a “grown-up” condo party. All is well and good until you wake up the next morning with raccoon eyes and a pounding headache. I mean, what happened to us? Didn’t we used to be able to drink all night without any morning hangover symptoms in sight? Or was it all a dream?

If anything gets better with time, it’s definitely not our ability to handle hangovers. Luckily there are certain things we can do before, while and after drinking so that the morning after is a little more tolerable. It may not be ideal to follow every alcoholic drink with a glass of water, or kick the urge to order take-out from your favourite greasy food joint the next day, but following these hangover cures will help you conquer the dreaded New Years hangover!

Line your stomach before drinking alcohol
Whatever you do, do NOT drink on an empty stomach. That’s a recipe for disaster and you’ll end up waking up feeling horrible no matter what. It can also be super dangerous. Do yourself a favour and eat a nice, hefty dinner! I’ve read numerous places that you should eat greasy food for dinner before you drink because the fat will line your stomach and slow down alcohol absorption. This way, you’re less likely to wake up with a splitting headache.

For every drink, have a glass of water
On the night of New Years Eve, try to have a glass of water between every drink (or shot). My mom has always told me to do this, and while I didn’t need to listen throughout my University years because it wasn’t much of an issue, now it’s my saving grace. One of the main reasons we get hangovers is dehydration, so chugging down some water will help you stay hydrated as well as keep you from over indulging in alcohol. And make sure to chug a few glasses of water before bed too.

Pain relievers and electrolytes
For me, my hangovers can typically be cured with some Advil and an electrolyte-filled drink. I pretty much always wake up with a pounding headache after a night out drinking and Advil usually does its thing to settle it. I also chug about five glasses of water and always have a sports drink on hand such as Powerade or Gatorade. The electrolytes in these drinks help replenish your system levels, and their high sugar content provides you with energy due to the carbohydrates.

Stay away from greasy food the morning after
Lots of people think greasy food is a hangover cure, but in my experience it’s only made me feel worse. Apparently it’s a trigger for heartburn and there’s actually no scientific evidence that greasy food will combat hangover symptoms. It’s best to eat light and fill yourself with healthy, rather than greasy food the day after drinking.

Sleep it off
Hopefully you have nothing planned for January 1st other than lazing around in bed watching Netflix. Sometimes all you need to kick your hangover in the tush is a little more shuteye. If you wake up feeling awful, chug some water, pop some Advil and/or Gravol and go back to sleep. You’ll likely wake up a couple hours later feeling much better.

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If anything gets better with time, it’s definitely not our ability to handle hangovers. Right? The good news is that there are things you can do before, while, and after drinking so that the morning after is a little more tolerable. Check out 5 of our best hangover cures so you can enjoy your favorite alcoholic drinks with friends without feeling like garbage the following morning!

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