It’s sad but if I’m being honest, on a day-to-day basis I’m about as lazy as it gets when it comes to beauty. I just feel like I have too many things I’d rather be doing (hitting Dailey Method or the pool, taking off for a weekend adventure, etc) than sitting at my vanity agonizing over my beauty routine. That’s why I tend to gravitate towards products that seriously double-duty, so much so that on a regular day, I can limit my whole routine down to 5 products (so few that I can literally toss them into my gym bag, purse, etc). So without further ado, click through to discover my beyond easy 5 product beauty tutorial, complete with a video!

Photo & video by Alicia Fashionista
First of all, like so much of beauty, I make sure my skin is in tip top shape before applying any makeup. I see my girl Amanda at Glow Dermal Therapy (who happens to be a Fairview neighbour!) to keep my skin clear and glowing and always apply a serum and lotion, allowing both to set in before kicking off. Once that’s all a-go though, I…

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