Skin care has always been pretty confusing to me. How many products should we be using daily and nightly? Is exfoliating harmful? Is serum really necessary? I’ve suffered from sensitive, acne-prone skin almost my whole life, so when it comes to products and makeup, my motto has always been ‘less is more’. I’m actually pretty terrified of trying anything new on my skin for fear that it will break me out (since so many products have before), and when I find products that work for me, I stick to them like glue!

However, it’s not just your beauty products that can do a number on your skin. There are plenty other factors that come into play. Yes, diet is a big one, and you can read more about getting glowing skin here; but there are other less obvious things that you could be doing to majorly harm your skin.

Read on to find out 5 skin care mistakes you don’t know you’re making (and what to do about them!).

1. You’re not wearing sunscreen

Sunscreen is not just for the beach. Whether you walk to and from work, or go for neighbourhood jogs, you need to slather on the SPF when you’re outside. Even if your daily commute is in the car, there’s reason to apply sunscreen. Studies have found that when you’re driving, the left side of your face and body is very exposed to UVA radiation coming through the car window, and it can lead to serious sun damage…

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