Hi Glitter Babes!

So, some of you may know that I lost my job last week. So many people are losing their jobs due to the economy and it doesn’t really hit you until you’re in the thick of it. This has made me deal with a whirlwind of emotions in the span of just one week and it’s okay to feel sad, upset, depressed or lost but there’s a point where you need to focus on your mental and physical health and make that a priority. Over the past week and a half, I’ve learned how to feel happier again and I wanted to share those 5 ways to feel happier in any situation.

5 Ways to Feel Happier

  1. Get your Vitamin D: The winter blues always hit me every year and that’s why I’ve had to make it a point to do some type of activity outside. Whether it’s taking a walk around my neighborhood or just going out to get coffee, being out in the fresh air and sun has an immediate “feel better” effect on me and will on you as well. Being cooped up in your house or office is not good for anyone’s overall wellbeing, so get outside and soak up whatever Vitamin D you can (and wear sunscreen!) to change the overall scenery and your mood.
  2. Be with Friends: I admit that sometimes it’s hard to hang out with friends who have their “shit” together while I’m stressing inside about work or money, but, if they’re good friends, they will give you reasons to laugh, to forget and feel better about what it is you’re going through. I have friends who make me (pretty much) completely forget about the bad mood I’m in because I’m on the floor laughing. You need to laugh, you need someone else’s perspective to help you through tough times.relationship issues, etc. Feeling happier about things always sounds hard at first until you do something about it. So, get outside, meditate, work out, try new things and be with your friends. Do the things that have a positive effect on your mental and physical health because this is your life and you control how it plays out….

This is an excerpt from the article 5 Ways to Feel Happier which originally appeared on http://glitterdiaries.ca/.