Avon recently sent me their latest fragrance to try out, So Very Sofia by Sofia Vergara.  It promises a bold and feminine fragrance with top notes of passion fruit, base notes of herbal patchouli along with delicate Flor de Mayo Orchid, the national flower of Colombia, Sofia Vergara’s native country.

I will admit that I would typically not even think of purchasing So Very Sofia fragrance.  I tend to go for big name fragrances and a lot of the cheaper ones just do not smell as nice or last as long.  On top of that, I have found that some of the perfumes “made by” stars are gimmicky and not always particularly nice.  At first whiff of this in the bottle, I was not overly impressed but I tried it anyway and it smells amazing on.  I have worn it almost every day since I got it.  I can actually imagine her wearing this.  I also read the press release in my head in her voice so…

Avon So Very Sofia Fragrance Review


This is an excerpt from the article Avon So Very Sofia Fragrance + Matching DIY Nail Wraps which originally appeared on Tea and Polish.