Just because we are over 40 doesn’t mean that we aren’t interested in beauty products and trends. However not all trends are created equal – and many beauty trends are in vogue for a short time – 6 months to 2 years. If you are over 40, trying these trends can wind up looking more foolish than trendy.

Here are a few of my recent observations in beauty trends:

Is it a Do or a Don’t ?

Brightening Powders – This was more of a fad that has become a trend over the past several years. I love brightening powders, or another name may be highlighting powders. These should be applied on the upper cheekbone and under the eye socket on the bone. I think these work exceptionally well on women over 40, as it adds a subtle sheen to your face and some brightness to skin that can be ruddy or dull. Just remember to use a light hand when applying.

I’d classify this as a DO…


This is an excerpt from the article 2016 Beauty Trends for Gals over 40 – Do’s and Don’ts. which originally appeared on http://scarlettballantyne.com/.