As a graphic designer, but more generally as a visual communicator, the so-called splatter trend is something that really strikes me! The randomness of the composition, always different but somehow similar, fascinates me and is – let’s admit that – so cool looking!

I understand not everyone’s into it and I got that by asking my boyfriend what he thought about this ponytail holder I just made. I got a “why is it stained?” type of answer. That’s okay darling, I love you anyway!

If you’re like him and don’t like the splattered look, simply admire the geometric rock-like shape of the ponytail holder, which can be easily finished up with a nice colour blocked solution. Now let’s dig into the tutorial!

You Will Need

DIY: Splattered Ponytail Holder

• Oven hardening modeling clay

• Cutter

• Elastic band or thread

• Small scissors

• Baking paper

• Watercolours or acrylic paint

• Brush


1. Start by modeling the clay with your hands until you get a nice smooth ball.

DIY: Splattered Ponytail Holder

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