Oh, what a world it is out there in Beauty Land. So many choices, such overwhelm, much promises. Especially when it comes to coverage options that are not foundation. I don’t wear liquid foundation as I have never ever liked the way they feel on my skin. Too heavy and thick, and just not me. I almost feel like my skin can’t breath, if that makes any sense. Sometimes I use powder or mineral foundations, and I love stick foundations that you can spot apply, like Bobbi Brown Foundation stick. But sometimes, especially on days where my skin is feeling dehydrated, I want something moisturizing that adds a glow and is a little more than a primer.

When I use BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizers, I always go a shade darker and just blend well with a damp sponge. I find that gives me more of a tan glowing look, but I am a “fair- medium” to “medium” skin tone. The “fair” shades always make me look sick.

Even when I compare and contrast, I am still struggling to find any major differences that make me believe the names are little more than marketing. Now, that does not mean they aren’t great or that they don’t work well on skin. I think that in the rush to be part of a beauty trend, a lot of companies started calling everything a BB or CC creams. And apparently DD Creams are now a thing but I can’t even, and I won’t…

This is an excerpt from the article Do You Need A BB Cream, A CC Cream Or A Tinted Moisturizer? which originally appeared on dalybeauty.ca.