Sorry to do this to you. I mean, tell you about a weird, hard to find, obscure perfume and tell you how gou hood it is. I was deep into my perfume reading rabbit hole online a few months ago and read about Joseph Jivago Sweet Dreams perfume. It was touted as similar to the exquisite Lorenzo Villoresi Teint de Neige (colour of snow) and I Profumi di Firenze Talco Delicato. I reviewed them both here. I have and love them both, but it seems I can’t get enough of powdery perfumes. And, as powdery as the aforementioned perfumes are, they aren’t EXACTLY baby powder.

Is this the powdery perfume of my dreams?

Is this the powdery perfume of my dreams?

The J&J Baby Powder of our childhoods is a scent I love and I want every variation on that theme. It’s like a drug. So I ordered the Joseph Jivago Sweet Dreams from a random seller online. The bottle is white opaque glass and has a nice heft. The sprayer is part of the bottle which I have to admit I kind of like. Because taking off a cap is so much work…?

Joseph Jivago Sweet Dreams perfume

Joseph Jivago Sweet Dreams

Verdict: I LOVE it! It is The Soft Baby Powder Scent I’ve Been Searching For, but without the nose tickling powdery notes you get if you over spray Talco Delicato (not as delicate as the name would imply) or Teint de Neige. Sweet Dreams has a warm snuggly vanilla in the dry down that makes it a warmer scent than most powdery perfumes, as powder can be cool. Sweet Dreams smells like sweet soft baby powder mixed with candied almonds and vanilla, but not nearly as sweet as that sounds. Honestly, it is the perfect perfume. I have no idea who Joseph Jivago is, other than that is from Beverly Hills. Maybe he is related to the fancy Jivago perfume with the gold flecks in it – remember that one?

The Other Jivago: 24K Perfume

The OTHER Jivago perfume: 24K. Fancy!

I’ve worn it almost every single day since I got it and still love it. As for availability and cost, Google is your friend.

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