Well hello long lost friends!

I missed my post on Monday because I was otherwise occupied.

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Celebrating Labour Day and settling into my new apartment. I am still backfilling things I need and I didn’t happen to have a ladder, but I had a sister and that came in handy.

I also bought SO MANY plants for my new place.

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I will be doing a tour next week, but today I wanted to talk about socks.

I don’t know about you, but if they aren’t compression, I put very little thought into my socks. They are just something that I completely take for granted and tend to be an afterthought until I need to go without them for some reason.

Suddenly, I am very aware that socks are a good thing when I get a blister or my feet are cold or I step in something gross in my barefeet. Socks are good.



When Bombas socks asked me if I wanted to try out their socks, I was happy to do so, especially because of their mandate. It’s simple. For every pair of socks purchased, a pair is donated. Why?

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Because everyone deserves to have happy feet.

Beyond that, they are really fantastic socks. They look great.

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Not only that, the company puts as much heart into the sock design as they do their final destination. They realized high end socks were expensive and cheap socks were crappy. Bombas is affordable and does all the things you could ever need.

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This company is cute as a button. Their name comes from the latin word for BEE.

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I put their declaration of being really really good socks to the test when I went to Transrockies 120 miler in August. I wore them on my runs where I wasn’t wearing my CEP compression socks and put them through the wringer by running in them wet, dry and everywhere in between.


120 miles later…

These are just phenomenal socks and quite frankly, I love it when simple things can change the world. If you are looking for a stylin’ pair of socks that can take a beating, I suggest Bombas.

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I wasn’t paid to write this post – I just really like good socks. 

This is an excerpt from the article Bombas Socks: BEE Better which originally appeared on http://lacesandlattes.com/.