Over the past few years, I’ve really honed in on a routine that works for me; my face shape, my eyes, my style, my hair. My make up belief is solely for accentuating those features I’m proud of and to coincide with my wardrobe selections. Generally, people are rather surprised when I reveal that no, my hair is actually not black (it’s a light brown/dirty blonde – sssshhh). In order for my features to stand out amongst my dyed-dark locks, I won’t go a day without my cat-eye. Otherwise, I’m completely washed out. I love that about make up; its ability to transform its beholder to whomever they wish to be is fascinating. It’s art for the face and as a former visual art student in high school, it’s my virtual sketchbook and way of creating everyday.

This is an excerpt from the article Cat Eye & Contour Make Up Routine [Video] which originally appeared on http://ethcsofstyl.com/.