Well, I have indeed made it to Colorado and it is amazing! In my first 24 hours here, I have driven a brand new 4×4 pick up truck through the Buena Vista mountains, cruised through Denver in a 1970’s Charger and crashed two parties including the Transrockies crew party and a random rafters rave near our bed and breakfast.

It has been spectacular and we are soaking up Colorado!



I am not racing this at all so I am not focused on a taper or any of the normal nutritional and additional preparations I take before a big race. I am just focused on soaking up the experience, spending time with my team mate and getting to know the amazing people who are running 120 miles with me.


All I can say is that the scenery here is spectacular! We have gotten in a number of long runs, explored local trails and basically, I want to stay here forever.


We had our team meeting on Monday night and Tuesday morning we set off. I will catch you on the flip side!


This is an excerpt from the article Colorado Update which originally appeared on http://lacesandlattes.com/.