The latest mascara release from COVERGIRL has resulted in another wonderful mascara being added to my mascara drawer. Yes I have a drawer. Just a little drawer in my acrylic storage, not a giant drawer of mascara in my IKEA unit! The beauty industry has really been upping it’s mascara game lately. I find myself in the unusual position of loving the majority of mascaras I test. Two years ago that would never have been the case. Anyways, back to the COVERGIRL Plumpify Mascara. What really makes this mascara stand out for me is it’s really cool, very uniquely designed brush.

Covergirl Plumpify Mascara - 5

This brush looks different from every angle you look at it. It has an area of bristles with a larger surface area that allow more product to be deposited on the lashes in less time. That may sound like a horrible idea at first glance (hello! clump city) but the area of tightly spaced bristles on the brush comb the lashes so they are beautifully lifted and separated. The rounded tip has an array of spikey bristles that allow you to access hard to reach lashes while keeping them nicely separated.

Covergirl Plumpify

I am loving this mascara because it gives me the kind of lashes I love most. Lots of volume and lift while remaining soft, feathery, and clump free.

Covergirl Plumpify BlastPRO

Have you tried Plumpify yet? What are your thoughts?

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