Elizabeth and James NIRVANA Black is one of my signature scents so when I discovered they were releasing new products for hair and body I was VERY excited! While body products in our favourite scents aren’t anything new, having access to hair products IS. I think every fragrance brand should look into expanding into more hair and body care products. It’s always frustrated me that I could wear my favourite perfume yet have my hair smelling completely different. Even deodorant. Wouldn’t it be nice to have every scented product on your body be in the same scent? Well thanks to Mary -Kate’s and Ashley’s genius marketing skills they have answered our call. Now your body, hair, and even your hand cream can share the same intoxicating scent.

Fragrance is a part of everyone’s daily routine, so it feels natural to expand the Elizabeth and James Nirvana collection into body and hair.  Mary-Kate Olsen.

The new products are available in both of the NIRVANA scents.

Elizabeth and James NIRVANA White is an alluring floral musk with notes of peony, muguet and musk.

Elizabeth and James NIRVANA Black is a sensual, woody scent with notes of violet, sandalwood and vanilla.

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Dry Shampoo - 1

Elizabeth and James NIRVANA Dry Shampoo ($34/4.4oz) This dry shampoo delivers a fine mist to refresh hair, increase volume, and add texture with the lasting scent of Elizabeth and James NIRVANA. I did find this dry shampoo quite white so use with care. I also noticed that through the day when I would massage my roots to boost volume I would end up getting white smudges on my black pants after touching then with my hands. This dry shampoo is supposed to be residue free so perhaps I over applied. I tested it out in NIRVANA Black and I found it had the characteristics of the Black scent without smelling exactly the same. Still beautiful. I was also a little disappointed to discover it comes in a plastic bottle. It just didn’t feel like it lived up to the usual heavyweight, luxe NIRVANA packaging. It does make it practical for travel though.

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Dry Shampoo - 2

Elizabeth and James NIRVANA Perfumed Body Oil ($72/3.4oz) The body oil is an absolute treat. Its lightweight, silky, and oh so luxurious. I found these were true to their namesake scents. They contain a nourishing blend of Argan, Soybean, and Moringa Oils that replenish and hydrate skin. I am loving them! It feels like such a decadent addition to my routine.

There is also a new Elizabeth and James NIRVANA Hand Cream ($18/1.7oz) It is formulated with Vitamin E and Aloe and is supposed to absorb quickly for a silky soft feel that is never greasy. I will have to pick up the Black version for sure!

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