Happy Friday friends! Hope you have some fabulous weekend plans. I’m sticking around Calgary this weekend, which will be a nice change of pace. Tonight I’m doing a makeup trial for my friend’s wedding this summer and getting my second tattoo in a week, who would have thought! Follow me on Instagram for the reveal.

Today I wanted to get real and talk about motivation to workout. In the past week, I have had zero motivation to do anything. So far this week I’ve done one run and that was a struggle. I’ve set my alarm every morning to get up for my early morning workout but every single day I’ve shut it off.

I told myself I would do it after work, but then after work comes and suddenly I find myself on the couch. Coming from someone who has been working out 6 days a week with a few double workout days a week, this is a huge change!

I think this dip in motivation stems from a few different factors. The first being that I just finished the Toronto Marathon two weeks ago. This exact same lack of desire to run happened to me after my previous two marathons as well. After working so hard towards a goal race and running so much, I think it’s kind of natural to feel over it. However, I do have a half-marathon coming up in three weeks, so not running isn’t an option….

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