1. Consistency is the key to progress

This lesson surprisingly took me a long time to learn. Although I’ve been running and racing for 5 years, I have never been good at consistently following  a training plan. I was frustrated that my times were never getting better. That is until I hired a running coach, got serious about putting in the miles and managed to shave 24 minutes off my marathon time and finally get my sub 2 hour half. I 100% attribute my progress to consistency. If you don’t put in the miles and stick to a plan, you will not get better.

2. Do what works for you

There is so much running advice out there that it can become overwhelming at times. Some people say you need to run 6 days a week, some people say you only need to run 3. Some people swear by gels during a race whereas other people swear by eating bananas. When it comes to training, I realize that I know my body best. I make sure I read and educate myself but then I make the decision what will work for me and my life…

This is an excerpt from the article Five Lessons I’ve Learned in 5 Years of Running which originally appeared on http://www.prettylittlegrub.com/.