Excuse me. I’m just here in my coat, searching for August?

Summer is always gone way way way too quickly for my liking, but I have so many exciting things planned for this fall and winter that I am willing to part with warm sunshine, green trails and sparkling water…at least for the time being.

It has been a while since I did an edition of Friday things, which is more or less a big brain dump of all the things that are happening behind the scenes around here.
1. MASSAGE – I had let regular massage fall out of my life and I promise to never let this happen again. This week, I booked my 2 hour reflexology massage that I love to get at least once a month. Not only did I fall asleep on the table after she was done untangling my muscle knots from Transrockies, but I went home and had an Epson salt bath to clean out all the junk and woke up the next morning ready to tackle a vicious tempo workout that my coach had prescribed. Nothing hurt. Monthly massage is back to being a thing.


Love GrownThere has only been enough days to count on one hand this summer that I didn’t start my morning with Love Grown Power O’s this summer. I love mixing the Power O’s and granola and topping it with cashew milk however, the mornings after a really hard interval workout, I will mix Genuine Health protein powder into the milk and make it even better. Cereal, watermelon and popcorn are the three foods that I can eat an obscene and embarrassing amount of, and so I do. Right now, Love Grown is doing a contest called Start Your Day with Love. Instagram your similar cereal obsession and win with them. Just use the hashtag #StartYourDaywithLOVE and tag them.

zipliningI had never gone before, but my internet friend, now real life friend Melissa Stewart, suggested this was the best way for us to meet, which made me think even more highly of her. We headed out to Boler Mountain last weekend and hopped on the lines for the afternoon.

4. MUSIC – Hardwell’s new album, United We Are is on repeat in my car. Never not raving.

5. MOVING – I am FINALLY moving into my dream apartment next week. I will share a tour in the coming weeks, but it feels so good to know I am done living out of a suitcase. Looking forward to hosting dinner parties, decorating my little pad and having a place to call ALL MINE.

What are three foods you never tire of?
What music are you currently listening to?

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