Good morning all!

It is so hard to believe that we are in March this week already, but that means nicer weather for outdoor training sessions which I am not upset about.

It also means it is time to look at my goals for March and also take a peek back at how I did in February.

1. Stretch and Roll 3 x a week. A

I had a few twinges throughout the month, but staying on top of therapy was key. I increased my track work and developed some light shin splints in my left leg. I went for a sports massage and acupuncture and they cleared up immediately!

2. Meet with my Financial Advisor and increase savings percentage. A+


3. Do my first orienteering race as lead navigator. A+

I was pleased with this race. Even though I did not clear the course, I was able to read the map and make a plan of attack while on the fly. I am looking forward to practicing and increasing this skill as I go on. You can read the recap here...

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