I hate horror movies. I’ve never been able to understand why someone would find it entertaining to tease their mind with panic and fear.

There is far too much anxiety and fear toying with me on a daily basis to add any extra in for “fun.” (Well – except for roller coasters. After a lifetime of being too afraid to get on one, I discovered that they ARE fun!)

Anxiety attacks have been a part of Susan’s life and my life for as long as we can remember, only no one had named them as “panic attacks”. We didn’t even really know that it wasn’t normal to throw up before tests or have our minds spin out of control with catastrophic thoughts.

It wasn’t until we were adults, diagnosed with depression and anxiety, that we could look back and see that anxiety had been with us all along. And we weren’t the only ones. Our other two siblings, our older brother and sister, suffer with them too.

When I got pregnant with my first child, my history with anxiety morphed into full blown, life consuming antenatal depression and anxiety. I discovered what it was like to not have control over my mind, to feel like I could no longer hold on.

In this last decade, I have had my share of panic attacks. And while they are not nearly as severe and terrifying as my twin sister Susan’s anxiety attacks, they are debilitating enough!…

This is an excerpt from the article The Good Part of a Panic Attack which originally appeared on 5 Minutes for Mom.