There is something about a holiday week that makes me feel like I blinked and the week is gone. Here we are at Friday and I seriously would be comfortable with the idea of it being Tuesday. Regardless, I am completely fine with it being the weekend because that means it’s time to play! I have the 5 Peaks half marathon this weekend at the Kortright Centre which is the grand finale of the series. It has been another incredible season running some of my favourite conservation trails in this area with some of my favourite people.

5 peaks

It also means that it is time to do a pH challenge check in. Last week, I set out to do the following:

–  cook and eat more fresh vegetables
– lower my stress levels and increase sleep time
– take Genuine Health Greens + every day (alkalinizing)

Well, stress is something that you can’t always control and there have been a lot of external stresses this week, but I have adjusted my workouts accordingly. I’ve been getting lots of solid sleep and eating well. Something to note is that throughout this challenge, I am not changing my diet, in fact, on the holiday Monday, I had my favourite burger complete with peanut butter and bacon…

What I have been doing is taking my greens every day and the numbers are showing it. Last week, I was as low as 5.5 in the morning and this week, I have never been lower than 6.0. Evenings, I am averaging a 7.4. Physically, my skin has cleared up and I have lost a bit of weight. Again – this could all be external factors, but I am just reporting what is changing over my time with the challenge.

Awesome right?

I am all about maximizing my time so I have been doing Eat Spin Run Repeat’s smoothie challenge in conjunction with this challenge and I am LOVING the recipes that she has dreamed up.


How does the challenge work?

It’s easy! First, get your copy of 30 Day Eat Spin Run Repeat Smoothie Challenge e-book. It’s got all sorts of juicy information in it about smoothie making, plus 30 recipes that you can make throughout the challenge. Then, simply incorporate a smoothie into your daily routine every day – it could be for breakfast, lunch, a snack, etc – and repeat for 30 days.

This week’s smoothie recipe is a teaser for some of the incredible offerings she has in her e-book.


Goji Coconut Smoothie



 Put all ingredients in your blender and blend until completely smooth.

 Add the ice cubes and continue to blend some more.

 Pour it all into a glass, stick a straw in and enjoy!

Also, to make it even better, Greens + is on sale this week over at Goodness Me! 

Ok – off to start my weekend!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

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