Truth: You may drink more than you’d like during the holidays and if you do, you will most likely experience a hangover.

Fret not, we have a 5 hangover remedies to help you.

1. Hair of The Dog: For those of you who have heard of this expression and were left with a confused look on your face (like I have had) this hangover remedy involves more drinking. Try drinking a bloody caesar or bloody mary – light on the alcohol. The Ultimate Fully Loaded Bloody Mary 

2. Gatorade: This go to drink for athletes also works to replenish your electrolytes after a night of heavy drinking. Check this link for the best ones! Hoboken Happy Hours

3. Coconut Water: Coconut water is extremely hydrating and also offers more potassium than a banana which the body needs. Read more here on The Truth About Coconut Water

4. Asparagus: I was definitely surprised about this one but asparagus has enzymes that help break down alcohol. Read more about it here Eat Asparagus To Prevent a Hangover 

5. Sleep It Off: Your body restores itself when you are sleeping which is what you need after depleting your body after a long night out. Real Remedy: Sleeping It off 

Drink responsibly and if all else fails, follow these 5 hangover remedies!

-karen michelle//.

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