With spring here and summer right around the corner, we all want our bodies looking their best. But no matter how many crunches you do or how long you hold that plank, there will inevitably be times when your stomach isn’t as flat as you’d like, and let’s face it, it’s hard to rock a bathing suit when you’re feeling like a balloon!

Thankfully there are a few tricks to avoiding that uncomfortable bloated feeling and many of them start with what you eat. When you want to get back to your flat-stomached self try snacking on any of these 5 foods:

  • High water content fruits and vegetables – E.g. cucumber, watermelon, grapefruit. It’s widely known that water is AMAZING for your health, and its benefits don’t quit when it comes to bloating! Water helps flush the body of toxins and keeps the digestive tract moving smoothly.
  • Potassium rich foods – E.g. banana, sweet potato, kiwi, avocado. Consuming high-sodium foods (such as packaged foods) causes bloating by increasing water retention in the body. Potassium helps combat bloating by counteracting the effects of sodium…

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