I haven’t written much about this before – actually nothing at all. However given that I have shared a lot over the past number of years, but less about myself over the past while, it only seems fitting to share. It’s time to set this free.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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I had heard of PTSD mostly in relation to veterans or victims of sexual assault or severe trauma. Usually the signs don’t occur immediately, but can sneak up later and have more long lasting effects.  PTSD can also occur as a result of a psychological shock, which is something that I have been dealing with for a year or more. Nearly two years ago, right after Spring Break, a series of things started happening to me and my family, a stalker-type-situation of sorts, that has had some long-lasting residual affects on me…

This is an excerpt from the article My Experience with PTSD which originally appeared on http://scarlettballantyne.com/.