As some of you guys might know, I’ve been slowly but surely recovering after two back-to-back, well…back injuries. As someone who’s typically really active in their regular life, it’s definitely affected me both at a physical level and psychologically too – very fortunately though, I’ve learned to reassess how I go about wellness so that I can get stronger and better without triggering another injury again. While I wasn’t happy about dealing with this injury (then reinjuring myself) when it all first happened, I’ve actually learned so much about myself, my body and about how I need to approach my fitness as I get older (which is very front of mind with my birthday right around the corner). Click through to read it all!

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Photos by Lindsay
First of all, it wasn’t until I got really good and injured that I realized just how much of my sense of confidence, self-esteem and identity were wrapped up in being someone who could kill it in an intense workout, “intense” being the operative word. In other words, being able to run a half marathon…

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