Recently I received a comment asking about technical mountain biking tips and I thought I would dedicate a post to it as I have made improving in this area a clear goal of mine this year. We are less than three weeks out from the most technical race I have ever mountain biked in and I am feeling the pressure. RIG is going to be an incredible race.

For this post, I wanted to give a special recognition to one of my training partners, Kyle Nesbitt. There have been many summer evenings where we have ridden local trails with him quizzing me on the proper way to corner, challenging me to chose harder lines, teaching me bike care and trying to beat the road biking form out of my mountain biking. It is so amazing to have fellow racers invested in my success and I am beyond fortunate to have such a strong network of strong athletes to help me with my goals.  He and the rest of his team, Black Swan Racing, will be competing at RIG as well so the evenings at base camp will feel a bit like a party with friends.


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