I heard somewhere recently that the truest meaning of adventure is when nothing goes right. When you have carefully made plans and in a moment, they all go up in smoke.


That is my RIG team mate, Brad.

He was on the way to our adventure racing camp this past weekend and his car was completely burned, which contained all his best race gear for our 4 day expedition race next weekend. This meant he would not be joining for the camp and that our race was potentially off.

I decided to still go to the training camp without him as my team mate and practice important AR skills, even though I was uncertain if the race was going to go on. I don’t think any practice is ever wasted and I had been looking forward to the day.

Because I was doing double duty with a wedding and a training camp, I met the group at 10 AM, 3 hours after the camp started. I missed the paddle portion but was able to hop on for the mountain bike leg and they let me lead the orienteering section. It was a fantastic day to test my land feature knowledge, learn how to change cross bike tires and where to sample the best beers in the area!…

This is an excerpt from the article The Adventure Begins… which originally appeared on http://lacesandlattes.com/.