Aside from today being the very exciting relaunch of my blog, today also marks day 1 of H&M Beauty Week on my blog. I won a $1500 giftcard about six months ago as part of a contest and since I don’t shop at H&M that much, I was excited when Toronto Eaton Centre started carrying their beauty line and went a little nuts.

The H&M beauty line is a full-service beauty line for all of your beauty needs. The price point is roughly drugstore or small independent company priced. You’re not going to see any super expensive items here, which is great.

One of the standout things about this launch is the aesthetic (and puns – honestly, I feel like their whole philosophy was just to put as many puns as humanly possible into their line). Whoever worked on the overall design of all of the products at H&M did a great job, so kudos to them. I picked up these three hair products, and I’ll admit, I was partially drawn in by the packaging.

I have curly, knot-prone hair that needs some help behaving. I usually have to put about 8 products in my hair to get it to look remotely good, and even then, most of the time I’m guilty of putting my hair in a bun or a ponytail because I don’t want to deal with my thick, frizzy hair. So I figured that it was worth a try.

The Knot a Problem primer spray ($12.99) claims to detangle and protect (from what, I’m not sure – I’m going to assume heat). I sprayed about four sprays into my wet hair and I have to say, I don’t know what magic is in this bottle, but my hair was so easily detangled that I was shocked. Even the ratty nest that likes to chill near the nape of my neck was detangled without too much fuss. If your hair is like mine and you dread the idea of running a comb or brush through it, I would highly recommend this.

The Make Waves Curl Cream touts itself as being anti-frizz as well as adding structure and shine to your hair. I did notice a bit of control of my frizz, but it definitely didn’t cut it all on its own. I still prefer my Kevin Murphy styling creams to tame flyaways. That said, it did give my curls some sense of order and body and they were definitely shinier. For shoulder-length hair, I would recommend a nickel sized amount that you rub into your hands first and then run them through your hair.

The Gloss It Over finishing spray isn’t a product that I’d usually go for because my hair is naturally pretty shiny but I was interested in seeing what kind of difference it would make. I have a few recommendations about how to use this product: Avoid using it with other hair oils or shine sprays, because your hair will get greasy. I turned into a grease ball in two days the first time that I used it because I used my hair oils and added this after I dried my hair and it was a disaster. When I changed up the products that I used and added this as a gloss on top, it definitely worked a lot better. I used it in combination with a styling mousse, and together I had no fly-aways, and my hair definitely got its shine back, since the mousse that I use can tend to mattify the texture of my hair.

Overall, I was really impressed with the products that I tried. The detangling spray is definitely the standout.

Hair product rating: 3.5/5

Onto the nail polish. These, I was really excited to try. Everyone fawns over Essie polishes, and I do like them, but I find that they chip on me or they just don’t dry properly and I end up with nails that just look disgusting.

I was pleased to see that they have colors that are endemically fall as well. I picked up the base coat – pink bottle on the left ($7.99), as well as Olive Grove ($6.99) and Smoky Aubergine ($6.99). The price point is definitely right and competes well with drugstore options.

I am absolutely in love with these. I need nail polish that can stand up to my anxiety-induced picking at my nails and nailbeds. I am basically always fighting to grow my nails out and they are particularly bad right now (hence no photos of the polish on my nail) but these definitely withstood the test of time. The base-coat evened out my nail and filled out all of my ridges. I put two coats of Olive Grove over top of that and finished off with my Nails Inc. caviar topcoat (they have a topcoat as well, but I love the Nails Inc. one too much to stray from it). I am pleased to say that it lasted six days before chipping, which is basically unheard of.

These are definitely my new holy grail polishes. I will be picking up more colors for sure!

Nail polish rating: 5/5

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