If you follow any sort of entertainment media or social media, then you will know that the Kardashians have their hands in many  businesses. From fashion, to books and workout gear, the matriarch Kris, has helped create an empire by getting her kids involved in a myriad of entrepreneurial ventures. Kylie, the youngest daughter of Kris and Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner, has a brand of cosmetics which launched a few months ago with very popular Lipkits – a lip liner and lip colour combo. These are ONLY sold through their own website and sell out in a matter of minutes every time they are restocked.

I think it's almost about time we add more to the matte family

In January when they launched, I was curious but could never get my hands on one. Truthfully, I actually didn’t try very hard. I figured they would get easier to get and then I would try one to nab one. I was wrong. For every restock, they kept selling out and subsequently have become a real cult makeup product because their supply/demand is so outta whack. My kids follow Kylie on Instagram and Snapchat and so they have been following pretty closely when the next releases are going to be. My fellow makeup-junkie-BFF has also been coveting these elusive Lipkits and it was actually she who let me know when one of the big restock dates would be happening next.

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