Hey Glitter Babes!

I can’t believe we’re already heading into March! Where did the time go? I feel like I’ve been accomplishing more in my dreams than when I’m awake. Do you ever feel like that? I’ve got a lot of house work to do and plans that I need to get started on in March. February has just been one of those months where I’ve been feeling so unmotivated but I know my motivation starts to build up once spring hits. So, with that I need to share what’s been on my lust list as of late.. since it’s been so long!

March 2016 Lust ListMy March 2016 Lust List

  1. Fabulous Accent Pillows: I’ve been feeling like my house looks a little “blah” lately and the overall look of the house is starting to get to me. Pretty pillows always make things look a little more lively and interesting, so I found these adorable pillows from Icing that would definitely take the look of my house up a notch….

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