It was halfway through the week and I legitimately thought it was Monday. It has just been one of those weeks with things being crazy busy at work and moving and not tapering my social life to accommodate.

Despite running a thousand miles an hour, I have had a chance to measure my pH this week, on top of taking greens + regularly which was one of my goals for September. Let’s back up a little bit though and talk about what pH is, why you should measure it and how to do it.

What exactly is pH?


Why should I measure it?


How do I measure it?


So did I discover about my pH this week? Well, firstly, I am terrible at following instructions. I got the paper wet before measuring my pH on the first day and it showed I was as alkaline as they come.

I was thrilled until I measured the next morning and it showed as acidic as possible at a 5.5. There has GOT to be something wrong.

Thursday morning, I registered as a 6.0 which is super acidic and does not surprise me one bit. Although I am a healthy girl, the amount of exercise I do, the amount of coffee I drink and the fact that I have been eating out more often this summer certainly are factors. This challenge is allowing me to reassess and refocus as I head into the fall race season.

What am I doing?

– With the move, I am able to cook and eat more fresh vegetables
– My commute time is cut in half so I have lowered my stress levels and increased sleep time
– I am taking Greens + every day which is very alkalinizing

I have a tried and true smoothie recipe that I drink every single day but with this challenge, I am going to branch out and try some new combinations and flavours and share a new one every week of September, but today, I wanted to share my most tried and true combination:

Laces and Lattes Smoothie


If I am out of a banana, I will sub in an avocado for healthy fats to make it super creamy. If I have had a workout that morning, I will use coconut water instead of milk and add a scoop of l-glutamine as well to aid in muscle recovery.

Throw it all in a blender until smooth. DRINK UP!

I am partnering with Goodness Me! for this 21 day pH challenge but all opinions are my own. 

Have you ever measured your pH?

What is your favourite ingredient to put in smoothies?

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