As times are changing, so are men’s approach to skin care! Many men before shied away from the beauty counters and felt uncomfortable dealing with skin care issues to people. Now skin care is becoming a daily ritual for the new age men! Men like things convenient and with less details – usually.With these 3 simple steps you can look you best at all times!
  1. A great facial cleanser would be a staple. You should ideally wash your face right before going to bed, that way you wash off the days grime off your face. Washing your face after you wake up will freshen you up for the day ahead and help keep your skin dirt free. An example of a facial cleanser that would help every men’s needs is ‘Jack Black Pure Daily Facial Cleanser’


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 2. To keep your skin smooth and oil free, adding a daily moisturizer is definitely a must! A simple moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and protected from external stresses, such as pollution. A great moisturizer for men, is ‘Anthony All Purpose Facial moisturizer’.


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3. This step is optional but recommended. Many of us all have dark circles under our eyes that make us look tired and exhausted even when you aren’t. Concealers are great for masking under eye bags. If you apply it correctly, it should look invisible to the naked eye and especially if you have the correct color. Many beauty advisers are more than happy to help you pick a brand or color best suited for you! One I recommend is ‘Sephora smoothing and brightening concealer’.


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These simple 3 steps will keep you looking fresh and ready to take your day by storm.We all want to look good for ourselves so why not start now!

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