It would appear that Fall is officially here. My newsfeed is clogged up with Pumpkin Spice lattes (I hate pumpkin spice, so I fail as a North American twenty something female without even getting out of the gate), the leaves have started turning colours and I wore a scarf yesterday.

I also finished up my favourite summer race series on Saturday which always marks the beginning of my fall race season. It was a great start with a trail half marathon. I felt strong going into it and ended up taking first female, although I did notice some IT band pain in the last loop. There were some gruesome hills and pounding downhills so I am assuming that is all that is causing it, but I spent some extra time with my foam roller and stick yesterday and took the day off running.


Podium shot at the awards ceremony

5 Peaks

What do I do for my rest days?

I woke up at 6 am and make my favourite protein pancake and a pot of coffee and spent the morning in bed watching Suits. Around 9 AM, I ventured uptown for a service and to meet my friend for lunch. Following that, I napped and I mean the kind of nap where you wake up and don’t even know your first name. I made soup for the week and puttered around my place getting a few more things settled in which is still a work in progress.

In the evening, I headed to Hamilton to see a band play with my friend. All in all, a great day to recentre and get ready for another week of training.

As promised, I took a few shots of my apartment to show you:


World’s smallest kitchen.

living room

Living room. I need art but for me, I am slowly collecting it and making sure I LOVE it. Any suggestions?





There are a few other rooms, but they aren’t ready for display yet. I also have a great wrap around porch and a deck that is currently being redone. I can’t wait to host BBQ’s outside in the summer!

What do you do on your rest days?

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