Want to look sleek and sexy, seductive, perhaps even powerful? Such a color can bring out any of these traits. The Color red is a universal color that looks great on every skin tone – if chosen the right shade of course. With shades ranging from bright fiery reds to deep dark maroon tones, it can seem intimidating to choose what shade of red to go for. With these simple tips you will see how easy it is to choose the perfect red, just by knowing your skin tone!

For our fair ladies with pale complexions,choosing red shades that are blue based will be your best option! blue based reds are generally brighter in comparison to other shades. How to tell if it’s a blue based red, is that if you place it beside something blue it would appear more bright. Bright cherry or or cranberry shades are great examples.

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The sunshine beauties with yellow or olive undertones look amazing with orange or berry reds! These red shades will make your skin pop and give you a subtle sultry vibe. Having medium skin tones will give you the ability to choose from one extreme shade to another, while complimenting your features.

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Our dark skinned beauties are blessed with such cocoa skin, because most if not all shades of red will compliment their skin tones like no other! Tangerine reds will be a great statement color if you’re feeling bold, or a deep maroon shade to give you that subtle yet seductive look. The photos below are great examples.

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With a color that comes in so many shades and tones, it is easy to play up your look by experimenting different shades of colors. The examples are given in by lip stick shades to give you a general idea on how the color will look on your. Use can use these tips for hair, nail,clothes and of course lip colors! I hope these tips helped!

This is an excerpt from the article Shades of Red for every skin tone! which originally appeared on http://www.ottawaswardrobe.ca/.