Since a very young age, about the age when you start to say “no”, I have been dressing myself. As I’m writing this I’m having flashbacks to matching stripe sets with leggings and over-sized Mini Mouse sweaters. Scrunchies, a must! Flash-forward to years later and “playing” with Barbie didn’t include any playing at all. My idea of playing was dressing her in the latest looks, merchandising her home made dream mansion (thanks mom!) and then calling it a day. Faster-flash-forward to my adult years and becoming a Fashion Blogger has helped me hone in on what my style is and how to properly dress for my body type.

Readers of Fashion Blogs look up to these style mavens for the latest looks and what to wear next. It’s a heavy responsibility but if you take away the pressure, it can be a lot of fun! It’s like playing dress up with your own closet every week. But, what happens when the fun stops? When you no longer feel comfortable in your own clothes and sometimes, your own skin.

In the last few weeks I have struggled to dress my own body. Saying “I have NOTHING to wear!!” is a total understatement and I don’t say it because I’m over my current wardrobe. I say it because I don’t physically fit into my current wardrobe.

I’ve always been a thinner framed body type with a larger bottom, size D breasts and fitter than the average person. I used to workout 4-5 days a week Monday – Friday for the last 3 years. I had a flat tummy, my ass was like a rock and my arms were nicely toned. 7 months ago I became overwhelmed with work and placed my health and fitness to the side. I threw it into my “I’ll get back to you” pile and lost it along the way. While I wasn’t working out, I lost the definition in my tummy, gained weight around my hips, lost the definition in my arms and my butt slumped down. If you smacked it, wait 2 seconds and there would be aftershock…