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Through all the excitement of our last post, we have changed our lifestyle back to paleo. Between Rob and I, 2015 was full of health issues, stress, and giving into unhealthy habits. So, as a new year began, we changed our kitchen back to a paleo one. Now, because we had been paleo for a good 6 months in 2014, we kinda knew where we went wrong and how to fix it this time around. Eating Paleo for us isn’t about a diet to lose weight, or about strict beliefs of the poison in our foods, though we do agree with most studies. Its about feeling our best for our kids, and having the energy to spend time with them and Zeus. Below, I have attached some helpful hints to get started and keep on it, as well as links to a few of our go-to recipes.

How to make it work:

  • CLEAN OUT YOUR CUPBOARDS: I mean it, anything that is processed, has sugar in it, or doesn’t fit the paleo ingredients, chuck out or donate to a food bank near you.
  • UPDATE YOUR INGREDIENTS: Get rid of all you bake with right now like Flours and sugars. Instead, replace these with Almond Flour, Coconut flour, Coconut sugar. This way you have no choice but to bake with what you have.
  • KEEP YOUR HOUSE STOCKED: We always have a well stocked pantry and fridge full of fruits and veggies. That way, if your short on time, you grab an apple or a carrot instead of a sugar filled energy bar.
  • LOOK TO THE INTERNET: Paleo is pretty amazing in the fact that you can make most things you probably ate before but with paleo ingredients. Rob forgets this part but as long as your willing to spend a night or 2 each week baking and preparing, you will satisfy any craving.
  • GO 80%: One thing that is hard with paleo is the ability to eat out. Rob and I believe in 80/20 rule where you only are strict 80% of the time. We will allow ourselves to eat at a restaurant every once in a while. Attending your families birthday is much more important than sticking to it all the time.
  • EAT TOGETHER: since we started eating paleo, we sit at the table as a family again during meal time. Doing this together, allows us to keep at it.
  • KEEP A JOURNAL: while my journal is this blog, you may find it helpful to write each day or even just once a week of any changes you have started to feel both negative and positive. Doing this will show you if this lifestyle is right for you.
  • DONT GIVE UP: A week into switching back, Rob, who had many bad symptoms of indigestion before the switch, had reached his limit. But, then as he was just thinking he couldn’t handle the bloat, headaches and other issues, they disappeared. Your body needs an adjustment period to get rid of toxins and get used to burning fat instead of carbs for energy. You need to push through that adjustment stage.

My Go-To Recipes:

  • Naan bread: Perfect for sandwiches, dip, etc.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies: The perfect sweet that you don’t have to feel to guilty about bribing your toddler with.
  • Mug Cake: A late night sweet tooth saviour
  • West Lake Soup: this soup is fast and easy for those nights that you aren’t quite sure what to have. You can find it in the Nomnom Paleo Cookbook
  • Chicken Tacos: This was our first ever paleo dish we had made and although it takes a bit of time and a lot of ingredients, its so yummy and perfect for lunches.
  • Coconut Creamer: Because I’m a slave to my coffee, I needed a paleo hack. This is your new best friend.

As I test and try new recipes be sure to follow along with Wild Rosebuds for some new go-tos.

Happy Paleo-ing

Katie Rose xo

This is an excerpt from the article Tips to Paleo which originally appeared on http://wildrosebuds.com/.