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As the air starts to lose moisture due to the cold, dry weather, so does our skin and hair. Living in Canada it feels like we have 2 months of warm weather and the rest of the months are freezing cold. Winter’s most annoying sidekick would have to be dry, brittle, itchy scalp and hair. No matter how healthy you may think your hair is, winter always seems to leave it lifeless. Caring for your hair with correct hydrating products and avoiding harsh and damaging treatments, will reveal natural, healthy luster that is soft, silky and smooth.

The first step in transforming your dry hair back into healthy, shiny hair is to always handle it with care, especially when it’s wet or damp. If you’re currently battling dehydrated hair than the chances are you have brittle and fragile hair to. If you brush, comb or even towel dry your hair too roughly you can not only cause breakage but you can cause split ends as well. Try not to scrub too hard when washing, use the tip of your fingers to gently work and massage the shampoo into your scalp, roots and ends of your hair. When finish washing, gently squeeze out any excess water, never ring out your hair by twisting and twirling it. If at all possible try air drying your hair or at least pat dry with a towel, never twist it up or tie it up in a towel. This was cause even more damage and also cause frizz and fly-a-ways. Another thing to keep in mind, try to use lukewarm water over hot, as this is dehydrating.


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