Happy Monday friends! I’m so sad the weekend is over, it was definitely a fun packed, eventful weekend for me.


I got up early Friday morning to set out for my longest run of this marathon training cycle. I had 21 miles on the plan and my coach wanted me to work on pushing myself to negative split. Usually, I run my long runs in my zone 2 heart rate (below 147 bpm). But for this run, I was to run the first 12 miles in zone 2, then up to zone 3 for 7 miles then finish with zone 4-5 for the final 2 miles. To make it even more difficult, I took a different route than my usual which was full of rolling hills. I know the more hills I can do in training, the better off I will be come race day, so I decided to go for the harder route.

I was so proud of myself for executing the plan exactly as my coach set out. I’ve been feeling pretty full of self-doubt lately and this run was exactly the confidence boost I needed. Toronto Marathon – I’m coming for you!…

grotto canyon

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