Wondering why you skin is acting up? We all have endured some form of struggle when it comes to skin health at some point of our lives. We also often ignore the signs that our skin tells us about our health. Once we understand why our skin reacts or does what it does, then we will all have a chance of having great skin. So what is your skin telling you? A facial diagram below will help de-code your breakouts!



1 and 2: This part of the face resonates the digestive system. Break outs in this area could be a sign that you are eating to much processed food. Add fresh organic food to your diet, and reduce fat intake. Drink plenty of water to help cleanse your digestive tract.

3:  Issues here are derived from an over active Liver. To Prevent this, Cut of heavy drinking, greasy food and dairy. This part of the face usually shows the first sign of food allergies. Get some sleep and give your liver a rest.

4 and 5:  Any breakouts around the eye area or dark circles are symptoms are dehydration, drink plenty of water….

This is an excerpt from the article What Is Your Skin Telling You??? which originally appeared on http://www.ottawaswardrobe.ca/.