Hey readers! It’s been an almost 3-week hiatus – the longest amount of time I haven’t blogged in 3 years. I have been experiencing some burnout – I have a number of writing assignments that have been keeping me busy blogging, only not on my own website. Plus I took a very-much-needed family vacation down to the desert, and now I feel rejuvenated.

Well, somewhat.

I’ve been torturing myself a lot lately. I’ve been thinking a lot about processes. What is my special process?

Generally, most of us have a process or method which we continually use when we are doing our own specific skill-set. So for example, anyone can find a recipe and get the ingredients together to make something, but it is the process of putting those ingredients together and the flair that we do it with, which makes it turn out a specific way. Your process that you use may be your expertise in that particular arena.

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This is an excerpt from the article You Are an Expert which originally appeared on http://scarlettballantyne.com/.