Weight loss is a journey though at times it might feel more like a battle. I get people asking me about their weight loss efforts all the time. They feel they are doing all the right things and yet they aren’t seeing the results they want. In these conversations, I’ve seen some common themes. Unknowingly, a lot of people are making choices that are sabotaging their weight loss efforts.

They’re on a diet

The word “diet” makes me cringe because it implies a short-term solution to a long-term problem. Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t have an end point either. Instead of focusing on a set diet that tells you what you can and cannot eat, focus on making small changes in the current lifestyle that you lead.

My suggestion to start is to write down every single thing you eat for a week then take a good hard look at it. Look for small changes you can make to your eating pattern. So for example, maybe you notice that you crave sugary treats in the afternoon when you’re at work and usually go and buy a muffin or cookie. Try switching that for a piece of fruit. Maybe you notice that you go to Starbucks for a chai latte five times a week and if you switched that to a chai tea with milk and sugar you could save yourself close to 800 calories a week!…

This is an excerpt from the article Why You’re Not Losing Weight which originally appeared on http://www.prettylittlegrub.com/.