As a mom I always want to make sure my kids are comfortable and taken care of to the best of my ability. That means when someone is in pain or not feeling well I am armed with what I need to make sure they are taken care of. Recently, my son Justin who just turned three in September broke his leg. After the initial crying, and freaking out on my part it was time for me to make sure he was as comfortable as possible. My husband took him into the ER, he got fitted with a half cast until the next morning when he was checked out by specialists and fitted with a full cast for 4 weeks.


We’ve always put our trust in Children’s TYLENOL® for acetaminophen, and Children’s MOTRIN® for ibuprofen. When Justin broke his leg we had both on hand, and used Children’s MOTRIN® for the first few days to combat the pain with swelling and we used the TYLENOL® to combat persisting pain for a day or two after until he no longer felt pain, and his leg started to feel better.

If your child is in pain from some of the most common aliments in children: earache, headache, toothache, fever, cold, sore throat, growing pains it’s great to be able to grab which will help ease the discomfort! TYLENOL® – Children’s TYLENOL® contains Acetaminophen, which helps as a first line of defense against pain/fever and is dosed every 4-6 hours. It can help relieve pain and discomfort from fever, cold, sore throat, and growing pains. Keeping Children’s MOTRIN® on hand would be a great idea because Children’s MOTRIN® contains Ibuprofen which helps to fight persisting pain/fever and can last up to 8 hours. It also helps relieve minor dental and earache pain! As always, be sure to consult with your doctor when you feel necessary!

Children’s TYLENOL® and Children’s MOTRIN® work differently to relieve your child’s pain and/or fever because they contain different active ingredients. So, keeping both in your medicine cabinet will come in handy! Click here to save $5.00 when you buy any 1 Children’s TYLENOL® and 1 Children’s MOTRIN® product.


6 Ways to Combat Pain and Discomfort for Kids ages 2-12

  • Pain Relievers: Be sure to keep both Children’s TYLENOL® and Children’s MOTRIN® on You never know which product you will need. It’s important to have them both so you aren’t rushing around trying to get them once something hits!
  • Heating Pads: For aches, and pain such as earaches, and toothaches a heating pad can help paired with a pain reliever and give your child extra comfort and bring any swelling down, or help drain an ear!
  • Ice Packs: Super important when there is swelling, is to get the swelling down! Ice often helps quicker than heat so applying ice packs to the pain will help, especially if there is swelling!
  • Showers: Taking your child into the bathroom, and letting the shower run while you stand in the bathroom will help with multiple issues (ears, throat/sinus, colds.) from the steam of the hot shower!
  • Distractions: After giving pain relievers I find sometimes my kids sit and focus on their pain, and discomfort so keeping them occupied and distracted gives time for their pain relievers to work and get them feeling better. Colouring books, drawing, a good movie or book will do the trick!
  • Homemade Soups and Comfort Food: My kids love this. Not only does it help them feel better by having soups with a hearty broth but it makes them feel comforted and at home! I love making soups for my sickies when I get the chance!


People often ask me how I deal with a sick little one, with all the other kids in the house and my answer is always the same: Great pain relievers! It seems all these things happen when my husband is at work, and I’m home alone with all 7 of my kids. So, if that happens having my favourite pain relievers on hand saves me from running to the store with 7 kids on my own, and/or calling my husband to stop at the store, pick them up and then get home! Keeping them both in my medicine cabinet saves time, and hassle! Could you imagine if we had to wait to get Justin to the hospital after breaking his leg? I couldn’t! Instead we gave him some pain meds, and whisked him off right away. The three hours he had to wait in the waiting room never would have been bearable to him had he been waiting without pain relief.

Having both pain relievers on hand I feel extremely confident in not only my parenting, but knowing that my kids will have some relief right away when they need it! Not only do I have peace of mind when I have both on hand, it helps my kids feel better too knowing I’m prepared for anything that may arise! With kids you just never know what will happen, or when it will happen. I know for certain I didn’t plan for Justin to break his leg, and thankfully we were prepared because this mama was still pregnant and when my babies are in pain -this mama feels it! It would have been so much worse had we not had anything on hand to help ease his pain and discomfort before getting him to the ER for the long wait he had to wait!

We truly are thankful to have been given the knowledge that both Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen are different and help combat different pains and discomfort. It’s been 9 years since getting that wonderful piece of wisdom and I’ve been forever grateful.

Of course, always be sure to check your product usage for information on how and when to use your pain relievers.

TYLENOL® – Safety and Dosage Charts

MOTRIN® – Safety and Dosage Charts

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