All moms face: as the seasons change and school is in full swing, someone is bound to come down with something. We’ve been dealing with a string of illness over here with one kid getting sick after another. It’s like a domino effect – when one goes down, they all do.

It’s up to Dr. Mom to nurse our little ones back to health as quickly as possible, which can be exhausting and even scary at times. As moms, we feel responsible for our children’s health and happiness, so the pressure to make our helpless babes feel well and strong again can be overwhelming.

With seven kids, ages seven and under, we’ve experienced our fair share of colds, fevers, earaches, growing pains…the list could go on forever.


Infant’s TYLENOL® has been our go-to medication, but once our babies became toddlers and were in need of an Ibuprofen solution, we began using Children’s MOTRIN®. It’s good to have both products on hand to get our little ones (and us) through any situation, as each contain different active ingredients to help relieve different ailments.

Children’s TYLENOL® can be used for fevers, colds, sore throats, or growing pains. It contains Acetaminophen, which acts as a first line of defense against pain/fever and is dosed every 4 to 6 hours. Children’s MOTRIN® contains Ibuprofen, which helps fight persisting pain/fever and lasts *up to 8 hours. Childnre’s MOTRIN® is also good to use when our kids suffer a tooth or ear ache. For information on product usage, you can visit TYLENOL® and MOTRIN®


The fact that both liquid medications come in yummy flavours that our kids enjoy is a huge mom win. Children’s TYLENOL® comes in Banana Berry and Children’s MOTRIN® has a new Grape flavour. In our homes, fruit-flavoured medication results in fewer battles when we have to give our sick kids another dose.

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In addition to having Children’s TYLENOL® and Children’s MOTRIN® in our “Survival Kit for Sick Kids,” we also rely on:

  • Cute ice packs (Boo-Boo Bunnies)
  • Suckie candies
  • iPad with games (for distraction)
  • Chicken soup / Saltine crackers
  • Special book about getting sick
  • Heating pad
  • Eucalyptus rub
  • Neti Pot
  • Pedialyte (for vomiting or diarrhea)
  • Special Blanket

But it’s not always an illness that knocks our little ones down; growing pains can also cause discomfort. In those cases, we give them Children’s TYLENOL® , warm baths, a heating pad and extra love.

Our typical routine when one of our kids falls ill with a fever is to give them Children’s TYLENOL® and place a cold cloth on their forehead and on the back of their neck. We like to set them up in a cozy spot in our bed and lay with them, watching TV until they (hopefully) fall asleep. We want to make sure they’re comfortable and that none of the other kids bother them. Separating them from the rest of the gang not only ensures peace and quiet and time to recover, but it also helps keep the illness from spreading to the others.

When Nat’s son was young, he experienced two febrile seizures from high fevers. It was such a scary ordeal. If you notice your child’s illness getting worse, it’s so important to visit the doctor or go to the hospital to get checked out. In the end, mama knows best, and you can always trust your gut.



Children’s MOTRIN® and Children’s TYLENOL® can be bought at Shoppers Drugmart, Rexall, Walmart, and other major retailers. To add these two products to your medicine cabinet, click here and redeem a coupon!

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