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If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you probably know that I used to live in Thailand. If you’re just new to APOE, you’ve probably wondered why I have so much content from Southeast Asia. This is because I left Canada when I was eighteen, fell in love with Bangkok and ended up spending six years there. I know it’s an unconventional way to spend one’s youth, but I’m a firm believer that travelling is one of the most special things. There is just so much to be learned from our beautiful world.


Our foreign homes were temporary for myself and many of my expat friends, so we always tried to make the most of whatever time we had. After five years I think my parents started to worry whether I would ever come home, but I always knew I would. With this sense of conclusiveness, I found myself motivated to constantly try new things and see new places. Each weekend was a destination and each weekday evening was something else utterly random. At the end of it all, I had seen many of Thailand’s seventy-six provinces (travelling to a new city each weekend, spinning fire poi, sponsored by a Whiskey company LOL), I could convince people that I spoke fluent Thai (although not quite) and had travelled to ten other countries across Asia. From the age of eighteen until I was twenty-four, I enjoyed a part of the world that was different to anything I had ever known. I thrived on this discomfort and found so much beauty in the fact that I never really understood what was going on around me. Maybe that’s weird, but I loved it.

With an adoration for adventure and spontaneous travel, CIBC reached out to ask if I’d be interested in learning about their  CIBC Aventura® Visa Infinite Card.

Although they didn’t know it at the time, they had actually reached out to a great candidate because I was not happy with my current points card. I had been using the same card since I got a credit card and only once during those eight years did I actually manage to use my points to book the flight that I wanted. Whenever I tried to redeem points to travel, I was never able to get anything close to the dates and destination that I was looking for. So, I was pretty quickly sold when CIBC mentioned that points from their CIBC Aventura Card could be used to book any seats on any flights from any airline. This was a card that could provide me the freedom to collect points and use them as often and last minute as needed.

Through liberating users to travel now instead of later by providing real value through the ability to book anything, we can say bye bye to those cards limited “rewards flights” which are few and far between. Did I also mention that the CIBC Aventura has a personal concierge to help you book your trip every step of the way? Winning!

In celebration of our beautiful world and the wonders of travel, I’ve put together a bit of a throwback post to some Instagram highlights from Thailand. Scroll down to see some of my favourite places, hotels and memories. I hope this post inspires you to book a trip somewhere soon! (Simply signing up for the Aventura gets you enough points for a free shorthaul flight… just saying)

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This post is sponsored by CIBC, but all opinions are my own