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I think most people can agree that traveling can be one of the most enjoyable, exciting, and even life-changing things to happen in our lifetimes. When we travel, we have the opportunity to experience other cultures, unique cuisine, new climates and terrains, and to meet people we might never have otherwise gotten to know.

I absolutely love traveling with my family, because it means we’re about to embark on an adventure that will be one we can reminisce on for decades to come. However, there’s one facet of traveling with my two kiddos and husband that I don’t necessarily welcome: all those fun events, activities, plane tickets, and hotel stays can be expensive. That’s why I was so excited to learn about the CIBC Aventura® Visa Infinite card, which is a card that not only offers immense value through points to use towards traveling and hotels, it also offers concierge booking services, and is unique in that it allows me to use the points whenever and however I want.

My husband, son, daughter, and I love to plan little getaways for the spring and summer, especially since the weather’s begun to warm up and the sun’s out and shining bright! We’ll oftentimes schedule a vacation at a resort with a pool or waterpark, and spend the week soaking up those rays (with tons of sunscreen, of course), ordering from the poolside menu, visiting the gift shops, playing mini-golf, and treating ourselves to some fine dining at a nice restaurant. We’ll also try to pick a location that offers activities beyond the hotel—nearby theme parks, oceans or lakes with watersports, and forests with nature hikes and outdoor excursions like zip-lining are all huge draws for our family when it comes to organizing our dream vacation.

What’s so cool about CIBC Aventura  is its availability and flexibility when it comes to using the points I’ve allotted. I don’t have to wait to reach a “certain amount” for access to them, and they’re incredibly versatile to use for various facets of my family’s travel. I especially love that the concierge service is so easy to utilize—it’s there to help you find the best deals around, and prevent any traveling stress before or during your vacation. Summer is almost here, which means it’s time for our next family vacation! Wherever we end up going, I know that the CIBC Aventura will help us get there.

This post is sponsored by CIBC, but all opinions are my own