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Greetings from one of the 7,107 Island of the Philippines! I just landed today after months of planning and talking about it. I am currently jetlagged and confused with my time zone, but totally worth it. The excitement alone is something I can’t explain. I finally did it! My Philippines – Bali – Cambodia trip is about to happen. I’ve recently partnered up with CIBC Aventura® Visa Infinite card to talk about planning your trip wisely, whether you’re alone or for the whole family.
As most of you know I love to Travel and the blog is mainly about different destinations, luxury hotels and food. People online don’t often share what goes on a successful travel trip. How difficult and challenging it is. This was one of my worries before planning my trip to Asia. How I always have to consider this specific airline because of miles rewards so I could use it and because my points are about to expire. I have different Cards to every hotel and airline to earn points.

When I signed up with CIBC Aventura , that’s when I started thinking big for my trip to Asia. The card lets me earn 1.5 Aventura Points for every dollar I spend at gas stations, grocery and drug stores. Plus, I also received a Welcome Bonus of 15,000 Aventura Points and Travel Medical Insurance. It also has its personal concierge that takes the stress out of planning and ensures that I have access to the best deals available. Earning points every time, I spend using the card (x1.5) and use for my flights is a huge deal for me which saves me a lot of money when travelling. Now, I only need one card to travel with, where all my miles and points using different airlines and reward cards doesn’t expire

Now that we know how to score the best flight, let’s now begin the planning. A huge amount of research is required when planning a trip to Asia. Unlike the Caribbean where we can get deals for all-inclusive resort with no more worrying and just paying one time for everything, it’s the opposite in Asia. First, you need to find the destinations you’d like to visit. Once you’ve narrowed it down, you need to plan on how many days you’d want to spend there and which hotels are in the range of your budget. I usually explore different hotels to get more experience of the quality of hospitality in the area. A little review check on Trip Advisor is very helpful. I mainly use Instagram when planning a trip. I click on geotag and see the posts made by people who visited the Islands and see if they like it or not, using this I can find the best restaurants.

After gathering all the destinations and hotels to visit, you’d want to ideally book your stay a month in advance so you could get the best deals and no cancellation surprises or disappointment because it’s unavailable. After doing this, you’d be more relaxed and excited for the trip. It’s usually the flights and hotels that are the most crucial and expensive part. But luckily in Asia, your spending money could go triple the value. Food and accommodation are not as costly as you’d think. In terms of fashion, buy everything already that you want to wear except for bags or hats as you’ll find cheap but gorgeous wicker bags – All perfect for the beach and even for summer when you’re back in Canada!

Also, when I signed up with CIBC, they hooked me up with 15,000 welcome Aventura Points!, it’s amazing – my welcome points can go towards a mini vacay to any Canada and U.S (short haul). I instantly chose to book a flight to Miami Florida just from the points I got upon signing up. It pays so much to be a part of the Aventura family.

You certainly want to capture every moment and share with your family and friends! You need a good DSLR camera and a go-pro to document every moment. But if you don’t have this, I’d recommend an iPhone 7 plus.

I can’t wait to share with you all about this upcoming trip. I’ll make sure to tag you along on my Instagram stories.

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This post is sponsored by CIBC, but all opinions are my own