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I know we tend to talk about spring cleaning a lot. I suppose there’s something about spring – buds on the trees, tulips poking out of the ground, being able to open your windows and enjoying the fresh air, which prompts us to want to start the season with a clean plate so to speak. But I know I’m not the only one who finds fall a perfectly suitable time to purge and clean. The kids are back in school, you’ve done all your canning and put your garden to rest for the year, and you know that the holidays are just around the corner. Soon you’ll be planning for family gatherings, cooking feasts and probably getting a jump on your holiday shopping (not to mention all of that holiday baking I like to do ahead of time). There’s no better time than now to get your house clean and tidy before the hustle and bustle of the season gets ahead of you.

I’m a list maker. I have to be or else nothing would get done. This isn’t because I’m not motivated but admittedly, I can be a tad forgetful. Especially with all the things that I (and probably you) have going on. So, it’s no surprise that I have a fall cleaning list to keep me on track. And since I’m actually right in the middle of checking off my list, it seems like a perfect time to share it with you.

Clean windows Get those windows sparkling before it’s too cold to wash them. Try and pick a cloudy day (not hard this time of year) so streaks are easier to see.
Clean window coverings Dust blinds, if drapes are machine washable throw them in the machine. I like to hang mine back up while they are still slightly damp so any wrinkles just fall right out of them.
Test detectors Of course you have smoke detectors and probably at least one CO detector. Give them all a test and make sure they are operating properly.
Clean rugs and carpets If you have carpeting or large area rugs in your home that need a good clean it’s a good idea to do them in the fall when it’s still warm enough to open windows so they dry quicker and you don’t make your house too damp from steam cleaning.
Clean upholstered furniture Vacuum and spot clean if necessary.
Vacuum under furniture Now’s the time to get rid of those dust bunnies lurking under couches, beds etc.
Clean kitchen cupboards Think ahead to holiday cooking. Throw out anything in the pantry that has expired and get ready to stock it up!
Clean or change furnace filters If you aren’t already, you will be running your furnace soon. Keep the air quality in your home up to par by keeping the filter clean.
Check & clean major appliances See below for more info.

Let’s talk about those appliances. First, make sure you take a good look at your dryer’s exhaust and clean up any built up lint. Next you want to pull out that fridge and give the coils and vacuum. Your coils may also be on the bottom or even in the front under a panel. Refer to your manual to find and clean them. We already talked about cleaning or replacing your furnace filter. It’s also a good idea to make sure the furnace is running properly before you really need it. If it’s due for an inspection, get that booked now! If you use a front loading washing machine get in there and clean the rubber seals on the door. And, if you haven’t done it in a while it’s time to give your dishwasher a good clean to keep all those parts running smoothly and your dishes crystal clean.


You see that? That’s the heating element on the bottom of my dishwasher. It’s covered with a nice layer of limescale, soap scum and who knows what else. I’m not an appliance expert, but what I do know is that if this sort of build up is on the parts that I can see, the parts I can’t see are just as bad.  We all know that a dirty dishwasher makes for less than sparkling clean dishes. The last thing you want is to unload your dishwasher an hour before your holiday guests arrive only to find your silverware with spots and your glasses with film on them.

Finish Dishwasher CleanerThe easiest way to keep your dishwasher clean and running it’s best is to run a bottle of Finish® Dishwasher Cleaner through it on a regular basis (once a month is great). And when I say it’s easy, I mean it really is. It’s just a couple of steps to a cleaner machine.

Step One – Remove the sticker from the top of the bottle.mommyoutsidethebox-2

Step Two – place the bottle upside down in the lower rack of your empty dishwasher.mommyoutsidethebox-3

Step Three – set your dishwasher on its hottest cycle and turn it on.mommyoutsidethebox-4

That’s it! Once the cycle is done, just remove the empty bottle of Finish® Dishwasher Cleaner and you’re good to go.


What a difference! All of the lime and soap scum is gone and although I can’t see it, I know my dishwasher’s internal parts are a lot cleaner now too. Not only does my dishwasher always look cleaner after a good cleaning with Finish® Dishwasher Cleaner, but it always smells fresher too. There’s nothing worse than that gross dirty dishwasher smell.

Every time I use a bottle of Finish® Dishwasher Cleaner I can’t resist taking my dirtiest dishes and running through a load just to see how clean they get. This time I decided it was the perfect opportunity to take all of my wine glasses from the china cabinet and give them a cleaning so I’m ready for my next get together. I’m always amazed how much filth manages to get on glasses that have done nothing but sit inside a closed cabinet for months but they are always covered in a greasy film.

Does this look familiar? It goes in that china cabinet clean but somehow comes out like this. But it’s nothing that a clean dishwasher can’t handle.mommyoutsidethebox-6


There we go. Sparkling clean and ready to be filled. And once I run the entire cabinet full of glasses, plates, etc. through the dishwasher, I will be one giant step closer to having my fall cleaning list all checked off. If you haven’t tried Finish® Dishwasher Cleaner yet, now is the time to try it and leave a review of Finish® Dishwasher Cleaner (or let them know why you would like to try it) for a chance to win a grand prize of $10,000 to get your home Holiday Ready!

You can find Finish® Dishwasher Cleaner at Walmart, Loblaws, Metro, Sobeys, Safeway and Canadian Tire. Make sure you add cleaning the dishwasher to your fall cleaning list and add Finish® Dishwasher Cleaner to your pre-entertaining shopping list.

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